'Tis the Season!

As this final week of classes comes to an end, a flurry of festivities brought the ICS community together in a whirlwind of ICS community celebrations!

'Tis the Season! From the language of our host community, the German word “Vorfreude” is appropriate to describe what everyone in the ICS community has been feeling this week. Vorfreude is the “pleasant anticipation” of things to come and describes our hopes and plans for the holiday season perfectly.

In joyful anticipation of the holiday break, the ICS community had several opportunities to come together and celebrate the end of the term with a variety of different events this week! Our Early Years Centre welcomed families to their annual Winter Celebration with an event brimming with good fun and warm holiday cheer.

This morning all our Primary and Secondary students attended the final assemblies of 2018 in the Main Hall and the Tiger Dome respectively. And what a show it was: For Grades 1-5 the assembly began with the Primary Sports Awards, which allowed students and staff to show their appreciation and honour the achievements for the athletes who have represented ICS so well over the past months.

Following the Sports Awards, Early Years children came to the Main Hall to enjoy two “Perform a Play” presentations followed by a fond farewell to a student who will be leaving ICS at the end of the term.

Then Mr Craig appeared, unhappy because - as he complained to the students - he had somehow “lost his Christmas spirit”! Asking students if they might have an idea where he should look, suddenly music started to play. All the Primary teachers got off their chairs and started to dance, and so did all the students! Everyone showed their best moves accompanied by lots of laughter! The Primary Assembly of 2018 came to an end with a winter sing-along of traditional tunes in English and in German.

Secondary students celebrated their semester with an energetic assembly. The lively event started with Secondary Principal Mr Penstone reflecting on the meaning of winter celebrations around the world, and ended with Head of School Mrs Campbell thanking students for their “spirit” and the energy they bring to school each day.

The rest of the assembly showcased student achievement and previewed some of the exciting events of the spring semester. Students especially enjoyed the annual teacher song, an adaptation of “Let it Go” from the movie “Frozen.” The chorus “Let them go, let them go” resonated with students, who had worked hard throughout the semester and were excited to start their holidays.

We wish everyone in the ICS community a joyful and relaxing break and we look forward to welcoming you back for a new year of learning and shared experiences when classes resume on 7 January 2019! Happy Holidays!

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