A Warm Welcome on a Winter's Day for EYC Families

The classrooms of the Early Years Centre (EYC) had their doors wide open this morning to greet EYC families attending the EYC Winter Celebration.

This morning parents and siblings were welcomed by our EY students and their teachers to the EYC Winter Celebration, a well-loved social gathering which takes place each year at the Early Years Centre.

Excitement was in the air as everyone shared an activity-filled morning visiting classrooms, enjoying tasty treats and seeing examples of the learning that has taken place over the term. Together, EY children and their parents decorated cookies, sat around tables playing games or listened to stories being read by EY teachers. Testing some of the theories they had learned about in their line of inquiry “Inventing and creating enable discoveries about objects and phenomena”, a group of “Early Years engineers” even constructed a rather complicated system of long tubes, observing how objects inserted at the top rolled at different speeds until they reached the bottom!

We would like to remind families, that our Early Years Centre will be holding an Open House on Wednesday 23 January from 09:15 – 11:15 to welcome parents and children aged 3 to 5 who are interested in finding out more about the EYC. The Open House is an excellent opportunity for you to get together with our Early Years teachers, discuss your child’s needs, experience the bilingual (English/German) strand and explore what the EYC has to offer. For more information regarding the Early Years Centre Open House and to RSVP, please see the Bulletin.

Thanks to everyone for coming to celebrate the end of term with us today. We wish you all happy and joyful holiday season!

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