A Day of Inspiration and Information - the 6th Annual ICS Career Fair

The sixth annual ICS Career Fair for all Grade 10 and Grade 11 students was held today in the DSC.

The ICS Career Fair 2018 was a daylong event and offered our Grade 10 and Grade 11 students an exceptional opportunity to listen to and interact with panellists from the Arts; Science and Research; Engineering; Sports; Health; Consulting; Finance; Business & Management; Media, Communications & Marketing; Environment & Sustainability and Hospitality.

The doors to this year’s Career Fair opened at 8:00 followed by registration, coffee and a welcome for the panellists from the students. Four, 45-minute Panel Presentations got underway at 8:55 and continued throughout the morning, until the final Panel Session finished at 12:25. Students attended the 4 panel choices they signed up for in advance, and following the sessions, had an opportunity to engage in 1 to 1 discussions with panel members.

Following lunch, the Career Fair afternoon continued for Grade 10 and 11 students. The afternoon IB Diploma Curriculum Session (IB subject choice hour) was attended by Grade 10 students in the DSC 6/7, where they came together to further develop the research skills related to university and course choices. They also reflected on how the Career Fair on information learned in order to make informed IB subject choice decisions. At the same time, the University Fair, with 20 international institutions of higher learning and universities in attendance, began in DSC 4/5 for Grade 11s.

The ICS Career Day 2018 concluded with tutor group discussions and reflection sessions at 15:30.  Throughout the day, our students’ questions were answered by experts from a wide range of fields and the panellists’ responses included valuable advice and insights for ICS Grade 10s and 11s, who are starting to think about their future education plans and career choices. 

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