Primary German Students Bake and Celebrate "Swiss Style" in December

What’s happening during the month of December in Primary German? All sorts of seasonal activities related to holiday traditions from our host community!

Primary German students have definitely embraced the pre-holiday spirit in their classrooms! On December 3, ICS Grade 1 students made Grittibänz, a slightly sweet, yeast bread in the shape of a little man. Simple Grittibänz figures typically have 3 raisins pressed into the dough before baking to represent the eyes and nose, but decoration possibilities really know no bounds! The little men found in Swiss bakeries at this time of year might have a small pipe in their mouths, may be holding a tiny broom or, as in the case of the more elaborate Schoggi Grittibänz, might even include some delicious Swiss chocolate!

Grades 1 and 2 will have a “Weihnachtsfeier” (Christmas celebration) and welcome Samichlaus (St. Nicholas) to their classrooms later this week. The children will be singing Christmas carols and reciting short poems and on the same day, the Early Years Centre classes will be out in the nearby forest enjoying their own Samichlaus celebration.

As they prepare for their PYP Exhibition, all Grade 5 students will inquire into “Which action can we take during the Advent time to give to others - using German?” The students will be brainstorming ideas, following through with the organisation of their proposals and making Christmas decorations as gifts or baking cookies as presents for others in the ICS family.

Over the past weeks, Primary German students from Grades 1 through 5 have been exploring and sharing different winter traditions of the German-speaking world. Establishing and maintaining links with our Swiss host community are an important part of the authentic learning experiences provided by the Primary German Department for our students.

The final 2 weeks of the semester will see groups of German students baking and decorating traditional Christmas Guetzli (traditional cookies) in preparation for the coming holidays. The tasty baked creations will be given as gifts to members of the ICS community, showing the students’ appreciation for the support and assistance they receive throughout the school year.

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