ICS Early Years (EY1) Show Awareness for the Needs of Living Things

Using English and German, our EY1 students interacted with animals and nature during their recent field trip to Hof Narr farm.

To support their current unit of inquiry ‘Exploring and caring for the natural environment leads to discovery’ our Early Years 1 students went on a field trip to Hof Narr farm. During their excursion, their German TAs supported the children’s language learning and the visit was conducted in both English and German.

As they listened, the children learned about the role farmers play at the farm and were encouraged to ask questions. They found out about the responsibilities involved in caring for living things and were able to spend time with the farm animals, feeding, caring for and interacting with them. This most recent visit to Hof Narr is part of an ongoing relationship ICS has with the farm and the children will be returning for more visits in the future to support their awareness of the needs of living things. Back in their classrooms, sharing images support the children’s learning and understandings.

At ICS, each grade level in the Early Years bilingual strand uses both English and German throughout the day to further language acquisition in a variety of learning environments. Field trips to our local community, like the recent visit to Hof Narr farm, allow children to become involved “hands-on” with topics they are exploring in their units of inquiry as well as helping them advance their knowledge of German through authentic learning experiences, collaboration and communication.

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