Ernesto Hase hat ein Loch in der Tasche

Our Early Years 2 (EY2) students attended a magical, German-language performance of “Ernesto the Rabbit Has a Hole in His Pocket”. 

As part of our EY2's inquiry into ways symbolic languages and drama are a means of communication, the children have started exploring ideas through a range of creative mediums in their classrooms. To further build their knowledge, skills and understanding, they attended a theatre performance in German at Zurich’s Theater Stadelhofen called "Ernesto Hase hat ein Loch in der Tasche".

The rabbit family: Daddy Albert, Mommy Liliane and their son, Ernesto, suddenly catch poverty as if it were an illness. Holes appear everywhere: in their clothes, in the roof of their home and in their documents. “No documents, no house! Out!” say the security rabbits. The rabbit family is turned out on the street with empty pockets, and although the family sticks together, the security rabbits are always close on their heels.

Their situation seems hopeless, but luckily Ernesto, like all children, likes to collect things and that’s why he secretly puts one of the holes from their old house in his pocket. It turns out to be a ‘magic hole’, which ultimately enables Ernesto to outsmart the security rabbits and leads him to an unexpected solution to solve his family’s problems!

"Ernesto Hase hat ein Loch in der Tasche" is a play full of original ideas that evoke emotions: There was turmoil and there were moments of pure joy, but there were also “serious moments” which were dealt with in ways that captured the imagination of the children, enchanting them and holding their interest throughout the performance.

The EY2s’ theatre excursion into our host community of Zurich provided the students with an excellent opportunity to engage with a live performance in German as well as supporting what they are learning in their Unit of Inquiry: drama can be a powerful way to communicate meaning.

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