"It Looks Like a Rainbow Tornado!"

Our Grade 1 students visited the Robert Delaunay Exhibition at the Kunsthaus Zurich today as part of their focus on community spaces.

Robert Delaunay Exhibition at the Kunsthaus Zurich ICS Grade 1 students took part in an exceptional field trip this morning: They explored the “Robert Delaunay and the City of Lights” exhibition which is currently being shown at the Kunsthaus Zurich. Delaunay, a French artist,  was interested in speed, movement and modern technology and was particularly inspired by the colour, light and movement of Paris, which was known as the ‘City of Lights’ during the 1900s.

The Grade 1 students visited the exhibition to observe and document the Kunsthaus as a community space, and to identify and recognise some of the key elements of artwork they have been learning about in their Visual Arts, Dance and Music that were used by Delaunay in his works.

Equipped with a clip board, pencils and sheets of instructions and images, the students walked through the exhibition and recorded their impressions of how public spaces provide people with opportunities to connect and establish a sense of community. They were asked to consider how a museum uses elements such as lighting, varying wall colours, room size, and furniture to provide visitors with a public space that encourages the appreciation of the exhibited works.

During the “Creative Hunt” portion of their visit, the students carefully observed Delaunay’s paintings, identifying the key elements he used in his works - lines, shapes, colour, space, movement, rhythm and patterns and sketching and describing what they had seen. After spending some time in front of a painting with colourful shapes arranged in a circular pattern of movement, one student said, “It looks like a rainbow tornado!”

Delaunay’s colourful and exceptionally executed Eiffel Tower paintings, for example, made it easy for the students to discover the connection between his works and the elements of art they have been studying and to record a list of words reflecting their ideas and thoughts as they walked through the exhibition.

Primary Visual Arts at ICS builds on an integrated and transdisciplinary approach where Visual Art can be used as a pathway to learning. The Arts are one of the six subject areas identified within the IB Primary Years Programme, and the ICS Arts programme supports students as they connect with the world in insightful ways.

Throughout their Primary years and well beyond, students are encouraged to incorporate what they already know about the topics they are currently studying, express their personal views, and develop confidence in defining and describing what they have observed.

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