Look What "Popped-Up" at ICS Last Week!

Since the school year began, authentic learning experiences around the ICS campus have helped Early Years 2 (EY2) students understand themselves and others.   

Our EY2 students put on an extraordinary “Pop-Up” exhibition outside the Primary Atrium last week, with models of the ICS buildings they’ve been exploring as part of their Unit of Inquiry ‘Who We Are’ since the beginning of the school year.

The Key Concepts of connection, responsibility and reflection have accompanied the EY2s on a variety of excursions around the ICS campus over the past months. The children visited the Research Garden and explored a new part of our school together. They carefully observed the flowers and plants that were growing there and shared their discoveries with friends.

From their explorations in the ICS Research Garden to a bird’s eye view of the campus from high atop the Main Building, the more the EY2s saw, the more they wanted to know! The children spotted a chimney on the roof of our school. They wondered why it was there and how they could reach it. Chimneys, pipes and drains… where do they all lead? As they reflected on this experience the children had many questions. They wrote a collaborative letter to the Caretakers asking, “How deep can we go inside the school?” And “what is inside the drains?” They were curious and wanted to learn new things, but they also shared information they already knew from home to add to what they had discovered during their explorations.

Through sharing experiences within our community EY2 students have been speaking and listening, learning that spoken words connect them with others. They have also been asking lots of questions to gain information and respond to inquiries directed to them. Reflecting on shared experiences has also helped students understand the meaning of the pictures, images, and symbols they have discovered while exploring their environment and their community.

Last week’s Pop-Up Exhibition documented the EY2s’ learning and we say a sincere “well done” to all the students for their hard work and excellent presentation!

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