A Passion for Jazz – ICS at the AMIS Jazz Workshop

The AMIS Jazz Workshop was an enriching and exceptional weekend experience for ICS student musicians.

A Passion for Jazz – ICS at the AMIS Jazz Workshop

Three musicians from the ICS Stage Band pursued their passion for music-making by attending the Association of Music in International Schools (AMIS) Jazz Workshop at Frankfurt International School last weekend.

One of several AMIS music festivals that ICS students have the opportunity to attend each year, the Jazz Workshop coincided with the AMIS Honor Big Band and Honor Vocal Jazz Ensemble, bringing together over 100 students from 14 international schools all over the world. The Jazz workshop was run by two specialist Jazz workshop clinicians and participating students learned about the fundamentals of playing jazz music.

Three days of music workshops, thoroughly enjoyed by all the participants, culminated in a concert performance in which the Jazz workshop students had an opportunity to play and present their newly-developed skills.

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