Grade 8 German Students Engage with Swiss Culture

ICS Grade 8 German students had an exceptional opportunity to focus their attention on the exploits of Switzerland's number one folk hero, Wilhelm Tell.

Grade 8 German Students Engage with Swiss Culture

On 8 May, the Grade 8 field trip took German students on a journey to explore and discover sites relating to the Swiss legendary hero, Wilhelm Tell, who symbolizes the Swiss struggle for political and individual freedom. ICS is committed to encouraging and expanding students' language skills as well as promoting opportunities that encourage cultural awareness for our host community.

The G8s visited the Tell Museum in Bürglen as well as the Tell monument in Altdorf. They boarded a boat on the Vierwaldstättersee (Lake of Lucerne), travelling from Flüelen to Brunnen and saw the famous Tellsprung. There, according to the legend, Wilhelm Tell cleverly manoeuvred a boat close to the shore during an intense storm on the lake, leaping on to the Tellsplatte – a flat rock - to escape the lifelong imprisonment he had been sentenced to by Gessler, an Austrian overlord.

The G8s enjoyed their lunch break on the Rütliwiese, the site of the legendary confederate oath Rütlischwur, followed by their reciting of the text from a scene in Schiller's play about Gessler's alleged assassination at the Hohle Gasse.

Students learn best when given the opportunity to engage in meaningful learning experiences and make personal connections to content. The day-long field trip to legendary sites along and above the Vierwaldstättersee contributed to the Grade 8 German students' appreciation and understanding of Schiller's play, as well as adding a sense of place to their literary studies.

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