7 ICS Students Find Idea-Inspiration in Dresden

Seven ICS students and their teachers took part in the Middle School ISTA Festival in Dresden last week.

7 ICS Students Find Idea-Inspiration in Dresden

What's a "breakthrough" and when does it happen? What makes a great idea? Why do some ideas succeed and others fail? What makes one idea better, more popular, more successful than another?

7 ICS students were among over fifty students, fourteen teachers, five ensembles and a whole lot of "Geniuses" looking for answers to these questions at the Middle School ISTA (International Schools Theatre Association) Festival in Dresden last week. The theme of the ISTA festival was 'Genius' and culminated in an engaging group performance.

In Dresden, the students worked with professional theatre practitioners and other students from around the world, exploring and creating in their ensemble groups. They were also inspired by their visit to Dresden's Deutsche Hygiene Museum, a medical museum and forum for science, culture and society, featuring the permanent "Human Adventure" exhibition on the human race, the body, and health in its cultural and social contexts.

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