The Arts are Alive at ICS!

The final ArtsAlive! of the year was held after classes finished last Friday 27 April.

The Arts are Alive at ICS!

The final ArtsAlive! of this school year was also the first whole-school concert event to be held in our new Primary Atrium. ArtsAlive! events are a series of small, friendly and informal concerts that feature instrumental, vocal, dance and theatre performances, and celebrate the diverse artistic community at ICS.

A packed audience of friends and family enjoyed piano performances by Carl A-J (EY3), Emil A-J (G2), Sabrina F (G4), Vinicius Y (G4), Kai H (G5), Bora O (G7) and Sasha B (G8); saxophone solos by Julius H (G7) and Ditlev W (G11); guitar solos by Caroline S (G5) and Meltem G (G8); vocal solos by Oscar L (G3) and Jaehyun K (G5); a vocal trio by the Grade 8 vocal group 'MTM' (Medha B , Talita M-O and Margherita d-S); and a performance by the Grade 6 rock band 'Vega' with Fleur B, Silvia F, Theo K, Dev M, Jonah H and Dhruv J, who were coached by Grade 11 students Zoe C, Noa M and Ditlev W.

For many students, this was their very first concert performance at ICS. We hope to see them performing in many more ArtsAlive! events in the future as they pursue their passion and share their Performing Arts talents with the ICS community.

We also warmly welcome audiences to Performing Arts events coming up this week - the Primary Musical, Music Man KIDS, on Thursday 3, Friday 4 and Saturday 5 May – as well as the Secondary Spring Concert on Tuesday 8 May. Please see the Bulletin for more details.

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