Grade 10 Personal Project Exhibition

An evening exhibition allowed the ICS community to admire the progress students have made since the start of the school year.

Grade 10 Personal Project Exhibition

The Grade 10 Personal Project is a milestone event for ICS students. It is a seven-month long inquiry that is self-initiated and largely self-directed. The students' projects reflect a personal interest which they wish to learn much more about. But that is not the primary goal of the Personal Project. Its main purpose is help them hone their skills in research, self-management, communication, and independent thinking. These skills prepare them for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme that awaits them in Grade 11.

Tuesday evening was the culmination of the Personal Project. Sixty Grade 10 students assembled in the DSC to create a professional exhibition that showcased their work. Parents, teachers who had mentored the students, and other members of the ICS community gathered to enjoy the projects and learn about the various topics on display.

In addition to discussing their area of study, students also shared stories of their learning throughout the project. They told of collaboration, great ideas, setbacks and perseverance. Students reported setting high expectations for themselves and, as needed, adjusting their plans to align with available resources and project deadlines. Personal growth and stepping outside of comfort zones were other common refrains.

But on Exhibition evening, the dominant mood in the DSC was confidence, achievement and pride. Throughout the Project students had continuously recorded reflections about their learning. Those records made it easy for them to realize how far they had progressed as learners. This meant that for the Exhibition they were well prepared and well composed as they shared their inquiries with a thoroughly engaged audience. By the end of the evening attendees were completely impressed with the capabilities of these students. We are thoroughly confident that these ambitious students will carry their success through to the IB Diploma Programme next year.

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