International Mother Tongue Day Assembly at ICS

After last week's school-wide "Drop Everything and Read" (D.E.A.R.) event, on Tuesday our Primary students gathered together "Saying Hello to the Children of the World".

International Mother Tongue Day Assembly at ICS

Konichiwa! Buenos Dias! Guten Tag! The assembly "Saying Hello to the Children of the World" in the Primary Atrium helped reinforce students' awareness of the linguistic diversity they all share and benefit from at ICS. The assembly also had the happy "side effect" of introducing Primary students to the Atrium's brand new bleachers!

A group of Primary students greeted the assembly in a variety of Mother Tongues after everyone had filed into the Atrium this morning. The International Mother Tongue Day assembly continued with students from various Primary grades presenting, singing and dancing together in front of their classmates who thoroughly enjoyed the morning's programme. The assembly ended with everyone singing Happy Birthday together in their own language to students who had recently celebrated their birthdays.

Language learning is important at ICS. Our language of instruction is English, but German, the language of our host community, holds an important place in the ICS curriculum as well. Early Years (EY) children can enter the bilingual strand to learn both English and German within a classroom setting in which both languages are used throughout the day to support learning. During lessons in Early Years 1 & 2 and Kindergarten, children are introduced to German in age-appropriate ways: listening to stories, playing games and singing songs. After school Mother Tongue classes give older students an additional opportunity to maintain and develop the languages they speak at home.

One of the assembly's screen images said, "We all smile in the same language". This morning's assembly was a perfect example how our students "said Hello to their classmates" - using their Mother Tongue to "further language learning through language" at ICS.

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