ICS G3s Express Themselves and Share Their Creativity

At the recent Collaborative Arts Assembly in the Primary Atrium our G3s shared artistic interpretations inspired by their Museum Rietberg visit.

ICS G3s Express Themselves and Share Their Creativity

In January ICS Grade 3 students visited the Nasca Peru exhibition at the Museum Rietberg in Zurich. Following the visit and concluding their unit of inquiry, the Grade 3s then created their own fused cultural expressions, combining aspects of dance, drama, music and the visual arts and shared their collaborative creations with fellow students and teachers at a Collaborative Arts Assembly.

The G3s Transdisciplinary theme - How We Express Ourselves- has been an inquiry into the ways in which the students discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values. It also encompasses the ways in which they reflect on, extend and enjoy their creativity as well as focusing on their appreciation of the aesthetic.

The central idea that Culture can be articulated through the arts defined what the students brought to their individual and collaborative performances during the assembly. In their imaginative musical and rhythmic dance interpretations, as well as in their colourful drawings and collages, the G3s showed fellow Primary students that artistic practices across cultures have similarities and differences. The students' creativity - inspired by their own cultural diversity – made the connection to their own cultures visible and delighted the audience.

For their excellent and creative presentation, our G3s received round after round of warm applause from all of the students and staff who attended the assembly. Well done Grade 3!

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