Grade 10s Present Their Works in Progress

This morning from 09:00–10:30 our G10 students hosted their Personal Projects "Work in Progress" exhibition in the DSC Building.

Grade 10s Present Their Works in Progress

Since August of this year, ICS Grade 10 students have been planning, designing, creating and reflecting on their Personal Projects.

The Personal Projects demonstrate a consolidation of Grade 10 learning and help students fine-tune the self-management and research skills they will need for the IB Diploma and beyond. The inquiry takes approximately 8 months, with the final presentation scheduled to take place in March 2018 when the G10s bring their extensive inquiries to an end and celebrate the culmination of the Middle Years Programme.

This morning parents were invited to the DSC as students presented their Process Journals and the products they have been working since the beginning of the term. The topics of the G10 Personal Projects are based on individual inquiries the students themselves choose to explore, possibly something they are studying in school, but always reflecting an area of study or learning which has helped them.

Whether their projects deal with facial reconstruction and prosthetics, building a small scale Hydroponics system, or exploring "hygge" - the Danish concept of cosiness, students come up with a purpose which has a connection to their personal interests and then create a product that meets that purpose. The product or outcome doesn't have to be tangible - it can be virtual, a book, a website or a video.

The visitors who flocked to the Personal Project exhibition spaces at the DSC were encouraged to ask questions, talk about the projects with the G10s, and give feedback to the student exhibitors. This morning, amidst the "buzz", our G10s proudly shared their works in progress with an interested and very supportive ICS community of parents, teachers and fellow students.

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