Welcoming YOU to the ICS Alumni Reunion
Save the Date! We warmly invite former students to this year's Alumni Reunion on Thursday 15 December to be held at the ICS Campus.

ICS Yearsbooks

At ICS, we define "Alumni" not only as those students who have graduated from ICS, but also students or staff who have, at any time, been part of the ICS family.

As the holiday season gets underway, we're looking forward to welcoming all our Alumni to the annual ICS Alumni Reunion on Thursday 15 December at the ICS Campus. From 17:00-20:00 in the Secondary Library in the Main Building we invite you to visit with our current Senior Leadership Team and members of staff, reminisce, take a good look at all the renovations that have taken place on campus... and be amazed!

See if you can find your photo in the pages of the ICS collection of yearbooks that will be on display for your viewing pleasure. The ICS Alumni Reunion offers the perfect opportunity to meet and reconnect with former classmates and teachers, share ICS memories, and catch up with friends from days gone by.

Let us know if you're planning to join us by sending your RSVP to: ICS Alumni Reunion. If you can't make the ICS Alumni reunion, we'd still love to hear from you. Please stay in touch and send in your update to alumni@icsz.ch.

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