Gap Year Pros and Cons – ICS Alumni Speaks to G12s
At the invitation of University Counsellor Rachel Doell, Alumni Polly Lindsay spoke to ICS students at the G12 Student Focus Day.

ICS Alumni

Polly graduated from ICS in 2015 and decided to take a Gap Year. She completed an 8 month internship at a small firm in London specialising in Information Services, a job which she actually found out about through another ICS alumnus. She also did some travelling in South East Asia and worked as a volunteer in a veterinary clinic in Egypt.

During her presentation "Gap Year – Pros and Cons", Polly spoke about a variety of Gap Year options such as working/internships, volunteering, travelling, learning a new skill or pursuing a personal passion.

Her presentation concluded with a question and answer session and a recommendation that students interested in taking a Gap Year view this helpful link:

After her own successful Gap Year, Polly will start her studies in Social Sciences this fall at Durham University.

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