Celebrating with the Class of 2016
We have been celebrating with our Grade 12 students as they graduate from school and prepare for life beyond ICS.

"On our last day of classes, I saw our grade come together in harmony and kinship. The moment in which everybody was getting along truly showed me what a unique and lucky grade we are. Our closeness will never fade away, as the rigour of the IB pulled us together. Together we had the best of time, the worst of times, times filled with belief, times replete with incredulity. Now we will all go our separate ways, from doctors to businessmen/women. But we will always have a common past - ICS."

These were the uplifting words of Julius A, one of the student speakers at the Graduation Ceremony for the ICS Class of 2016. Our departing Grade 12s finished their International Baccalaureate Diploma exams in May and will receive their IB results and certificates later this summer. At their ICS Graduation Ceremony on Saturday 5 June, they received their School Diplomas and we formally marked the end of their time at ICS and celebrated everything they have achieved so far.

Fellow student speaker, Louise E said: "The Class of 2016 is a diverse group. But even though there are some huge differences in our mother tongues, skills and passions, we have created a community that finds strength in these differences. Today, on our graduation, we celebrate this togetherness - all of our memories together - but also how we will move into the future, with our community and the knowledge we have gained at ICS as tools in our toolbox as we enter 'the real world'."

Some students will now take a gap year and do internships, travel and gain other experiences. Many of our graduates are heading into higher education. See the list of universities that have offered them places at: www.icsz.ch/university-offers

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