The Class of 2015 is off to university
Our Class of 2015 is off to university following their International Baccalaureate Diploma exams.

After sitting their International Baccalaureate Diploma exams in May 2015, our Grade 12s have left ICS and many are now going on to higher education.

They are keen to study subjects ranging from English, Engineering and Economics to Medicine, Marketing and Management.

Universities that offered our students places this year included the Universities of Cambridge, Durham, Bath, York and Bristol in the UK. US universities included New York University, Georgia Institute of Technology and Northeastern University.

The pass rate at ICS this year was 94%. (This is higher than the world average IB Diploma pass rate, which has stayed stable at 79% for the last five years.*)

The mean average score of ICS candidates receiving the IB Diploma was 33 (out of a possible maximum of 45 points). Again, this is significantly better than the worldwide mean average total, which has averaged 30 points for the last five years*.

ICS is not academically selective, does not have entrance exams and takes students from all corners of the world. We are proud of our reputation as a non-selective school that encourages and enables all students to undertake the full IB Diploma Programme.

We are aware that if we were to selectively admit students into the IB Diploma, the IB mean average score at ICS would increase by a number of points. However, we remain firmly committed to our belief that all students can achieve individual success in the IB Diploma Programme. Therefore, we encourage and enable all students to attempt the IB Diploma Programme. We do not channel students into other courses or discourage any student from attempting the IB Programme.

As the only fully inclusive international IB school within Zurich our results continue to be excellent thanks to the dedication of our highly qualified teachers, supporting specialists and the wholehearted support of our school's families.

See an overview here that celebrates the success of our students and presents the results.

We would like to congratulate the ICS Class of 2015 for their efforts in the May 2015 examination period, which proved to be an extremely rigorous and competitive examination session. We wish all of our ICS graduates success in their future endeavours and look forward to welcoming them as members of our Alumni community.

* Based on statistics from the IB for 2015.

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