Ample opportunities existed for students to interact with professionals working in a variety of fields.

The tenth annual ICS Career Fair made its return to the DSC building, and the enthusiasm among students and panellists was palpable. The event commenced with an inspiring plenary talk by former CNN Rome Bureau Chief Mr Alessio Vinci, now Chief Communications Officer at Zurich Insurance Group. Mr Vinci described the career path that took him to his current role in corporate communications. He discussed the importance of integrity and being true to oneself and noted how humour had served him well throughout his career.Former CNN Rome Bureau Chief Alessio Vinci at the ICS Career Fair

He also stressed the significance of values and standing up for what one believes, “When you find value you feel connected to that job, that company…. That connection has to exist, and it is called purpose“. Mr Vinci relayed how his own connection with the UN SDGs and engagement in a rainforest project in Brazil came about. A point that resonated he said was, “what it means to do the right thing the right way”. And concluded his speech with the words, “fight for what you believe in”.

Speaker panels were grouped by industry, bringing together professionals representing an array of fields; from a multitude of companies such as Johnson Controls,  Hyatt International,  Climeworks, Microsoft, Credit Suisse, and Google, to name a few. The professionals discussed their career history and the educational goals they pursued. A spirit of inclusiveness, highlighting diverse ideas, was evident, and the youngsters posed spontaneous questions intelligibly to panellists on a range of topics. The students were asked about their career goals and were apprised that “there is no wrong way” in terms of a study path. 

Panellists encouraged the pupils to reach out to them and connect on LinkedIn, for example. One student said that he has “an opinion already on what [he intends] to pursue as a career, but wanted to get others’ opinions”, as he is curious regarding “the development of careers and how they would apply in the future”. An IB Curriculum forum took place following the panel sessions.Tenth annual ICS Career Fair

In celebrating the 10th year of the ICS Career Fair, a spotlight was shown on our school’s Mission and the strength of its pillars – Potential, Passion, and Responsibility. We know our mission is an achievable one, yet we also know we can add meaning to our students’ understanding of it as they discover their potential and opportunities for growth.

Thank you to the Fair’s organising committee and the volunteer Student Ambassadors who helped facilitate the event. And a special Thank You to our generous presenters who devoted their time and efforts to help add value to our Career Fair experience.

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