About ICS

Our Excellent Reputation

Since 1960 ICS has been empowering the lives of students and alumni across the globe. ICS is a 100% non-profit international school in Zurich, Switzerland.

primary school students experimenting in the science laboratory, international school

Welcome to ICS, an extraordinary international school and community that is a second home to globally mobile families living in and around Zurich. Established in 1960, we are the international school of first choice for students aged 18 months to 18 years. We are the only school in Zurich offering the three main programmes of the International Baccalaureate (IB).

An IB education is the preferred option for international families because it is transferable. Families moving on from ICS can easily transfer to other high calibre private schools in other countries or public schools in their home country. A continuity of learning, reassurance, certainty and stability for children is found with the IB Programme.

A unique environment, ICS unites all that is powerful about international education so as to propel our young people towards a purposeful tomorrow. Centred on the creation of life-long learners, it is a diverse and inclusive school, a place that inspires all to pursue success across any endeavour. Ms Lucy Gowdie, Head of School

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Rigorous Learning

Personalised programmes ensure all students are challenged to achieve their potential. We offer a rigorous and individualized learning experience that is appropriate to a broad spectrum of learning styles and aptitudes.

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Beyond Classrooms

Learning happens everywhere as students pursue their passions, discover their talents and explore their interests. Our programmes include outdoor activities and expeditions challenging students to lead, innovate and discover.

round square students drawing a peace mural on the campus grounds on international day of peace, international school

Making a Difference

A strong sense of community life encourages our students to fulfil their responsibilities at the local and global levels. Caring and showing compassion for others means each and every student can and does make a difference.

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Developing Character

Enhancing well-being, implementing community programmes and practising environmental responsibility are included in service learning. Membership in the prestigious Round Square organisation provides opportunities for students to fulfil this commitment.

Discover more about admissions and learning at ICS

The welcome from ICS was really excellent. We were living in India when we applied – and ICS admissions staff immediately started chatting to me on a personal level which carried on until we moved here. I felt comfortable talking to them and could ask any questions I had. This was great as we had lived 15 years in Asia, and I was worried what the transition would be like.
Selma K, ICS Parent
At ICS, you learn to be open-minded and approach unfamiliar situations with more ease. This, I believe, is an invaluable asset in today’s globalized world. There are not many other places where you have the chance to grow up in such a multicultural setting and make friends from all over the globe.
Sabrina S, ICS Class of 2012,
PhD candidate, Economics,
University of St Gallen,
Switzerland and award-winning Triathlete