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Connecting Communities and Cultures – Primary Students Celebrate Libraries
Posted 27/09/2017 15:31

Primary Library Door

October 1 marks the beginning of International School Library Month (ISLM), a month to celebrate and draw attention to school libraries. First started as International School Library Day in 1999, it was changed to International School Library Month in 2008 to give more flexibility to schools around the world to choose a time in the month that best fits their specific situation.

During October, school libraries can choose a day, week, or the entire month to celebrate the importance of libraries. As ICS focuses on the importance of reading independently and as a family both in home learning and at school, our libraries play a significant role in helping students and families find the resources they need for their learning and reading enjoyment.

This year, ICS Primary students are invited to design a library poster with the theme, 'Connecting Communities and Cultures'. The poster may be designed using any medium, but cannot be larger than A3 in size. All posters must be submitted to the Primary Library no later than Thursday 26 October. The entries will be judged by a panel of 'Library Experts' with the winning design becoming the Primary Library Logo of the year!

In addition, starting Monday 2 October, the Library Research Questions of the Week will be available in the Primary Library or posted on the International School Library Month page. Two sets of questions will be available every Monday throughout October, one set for Grades EY – 2 and one for Grade 3-5. Students will have one week to research and answer the questions, submit their answers to the Primary Library each Friday, and wait for the results of the weekly prize drawing!

And finally, as an interactive way of celebrating ICS Primary students' love of reading, the annual Book Character Day, on Friday 27 October is scheduled to take place. International School Library Month at ICS ends with Primary students coming to school dressed as their favourite book characters and joining in the 'Parade of Characters' during morning recess. Following the parade, all participating students (with the book their character is from) will then be invited to the Library for a photo and a treat!

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