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Diving Deeply into Learning
Posted 21/09/2017 15:27

Leadership Coffee

At this morning's Leadership Coffee in the Treffpunkt the ICS Leadership Team spoke with parents about the aspirations and the tangible engineering that allows ICS to offer an extraordinary and challenging educational experience for all our learners.

ICS recognises that each student has a unique background and learning style and we believe in developing learners who are self-directed 'drivers' of their own thinking. Reflecting about who they are and able to understand how they learn, our students are supported by structured inquiry at school and authentic learning at home.

ICS also recognises that it has become increasingly important for our students not just to connect content to concepts but to think critically, ask questions and solve problems. Our students confidently develop the required understanding, knowledge and skills in any context, supported by exercises that take learning to a deeper, more relevant level. Over time, understanding how to use knowledge in real-life contexts builds character and empathy.

At today's session, parents also learned that students' reflection is critical and that rigor, or "learning to think about thinking" helps students understand not just what they learn but how they learn. In addition, the Leadership Team underlined that the ICS journey towards an ethical and responsible approach to learning cannot take place without including student voice and student leadership.

As an extraordinary learning community and an IB plus school, ICS "engineering" is vitally important to make things work perfectly. Rich learning projects at ICS are based on our vision to develop students' potential to the fullest and provide learners with the thinking skills, tools and mindsets that are needed to meet any of the challenges they will encounter in the future.

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