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ICS joins the European Sport Conference League (ESSL)
Posted 15/09/2017 10:00

In addition to the three sports councils ICS already participates in (SGIS, SCIS, and ISSL) we have recently become part of a new European sport organization called the European School Sport League or ESSL.

The ESSL consists of 6 schools: Inter-Community School Zurich; International School Basel; International School of Geneva Nations Campus; College du Leman (Geneva/Versoix); International School of Eindhoven and International School of the Stockholm Region.

At present, the ESSL is for boys' and girls' Varsity level Soccer and Basketball, however in the future it may grow to include other sports and age groups.

With both boys' and girls' sports hosted by the same school on a yearly basis, the ESSL provides ICS Varsity athletes with an opportunity to compete within Europe in quality tournaments. For example, all of this year's soccer tournaments will be held in Eindhoven and Stockholm is the designated host school for boys' and girls' basketball.

Participating teams will stay in hotels and travel by plane, bus, or train to the tournaments, depending on the location.

ICS is excited about the new ESSL competition opportunity for our Varsity Soccer and Basketball athletes and we are looking forward to the continued support of the ICS community.

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