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What's new at ICS in 2017-2018? Take a look and be amazed!
Posted 16/08/2017 08:32

ICS Renovations

We are very much looking forward to hearing ...and seeing...the response from ICS students and their families as they get their first look at all the renovations and enhancements that have taken place at ICS over the summer!

Students and staff coming into the DSC will be greeted by a newly refurbished entrance hall which has been freshly painted in bold colours and fitted with noise reduction ceilings and newly carpeted floors. Three pods are now built into the wall at the far end of the entry hall, creating spaces where our Secondary students will be able to study or relax.

The Primary building also has wonderful surprises in store. The Primary Hall Atrium has been opened up on 3 sides with glass walls, windows in various shapes and sizes, and niches for sitting. Skylights have been installed in the roof and new, retractable electric bleachers will be added in the Primary Hall this fall. Students' locker areas have also been refurbished.

The Main building, which had a major makeover during the summer of 2016, boasts some new upgrades as well. The staff room has been repainted, the kitchen has been renovated and various sound and lighting systems in the building have been replaced. The Pilot room in the Secondary library has also been refurbished.

Outdoors, campus construction work included a total revamping of the sports field, laying new artificial turf, refurbishing the running track, building new outdoor bleachers, seats and a scoreboard, and last, but certainly not least, a 20 x 30 m structure to house the temporary Gym. Outdoor security barriers have been replaced and extensive landscaping and outdoor construction work has been completed, including new fencing, hedges, a stone staircase from the parking area to the sports field, and granite blocks as slope reinforcements. Our beautiful Research Garden shows off a gazebo surrounded by a blaze of colourful flowers.

We warmly welcome all our new and returning ICS students, teachers, caretakers and administrative staff and wish them and everyone in the ICS family an excellent start to the 2017-18 school year.

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