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The Grade 11 Science Group 4 Project
Posted 12/06/2017 16:07

The Grade 11 Science Group 4 Project at ICS

The Grade 11 Science students recently embarked on their Group 4 Project, and spent two days planning experiments and undertaking the gathering, collation and interpretation of data.

"Group 4" is the heading given to the different science subjects in the IB Diploma Programme. The Group 4 project is an interdisciplinary activity in which all Diploma Programme science students must participate. Students from different disciplines work on a common problem or topic, and the exercise is designed to encourage interdisciplinary thinking and collaborative work, two foundational concepts for ICS students.

The emphasis is on process rather than product and the project has a number of aims it seeks to fulfill. It aims to develop the student's understanding of the relationship between scientific disciplines, to help them develop communication skills in the study of science, and to become aware of the ethical implications of science and technology.

Students undertake a three-stage process consisting of planning, action and evaluation. At ICS, the students were asked the question: How could science influence the design and use of the ICS School grounds? The students were divided up into 8 groups and within each group there were students from each of ICS' four IB Diploma Science subjects: Biology, Physics, Chemistry and ESS (Environmental Systems and Societies). Each group developed a sub-topic to investigate, with each student of the group planning an investigation that related to the sub-topic and the initial question.

The students then gathered their data from school environment and on completing their investigation, wrote up the results as a practice for their subject-specific internal assessments next year.

The Grade 11s approached their investigations with passion and commitment. The Group 4 project is an opportunity for students to expand their thinking and to develop the essential skills and attributes of the scientists of the future.

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