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Bilingual G2s explore their community ... in German!
Posted 30/05/2017 15:03

Bilingual G2s explore their community ... in German!

Participating in an outside-the-classroom learning activity connected to their trans- disciplinary unit of inquiry "Where We Are in Place and Time", and accompanied by their class and German teachers, the G2s recently left their ICS classrooms behind for a day.

Starting their adventure on Thursday 18 May, each G2 class took a different route prepared by their German teachers. The students and their class teachers had no advance knowledge of the routes they would be taking.

One of the G2's German teachers said "Trips like these are great opportunities to see the students use German in purposeful situations", with a Grade 2 teacher adding, "It's a great opportunity for our G2s to spend time together speaking German while learning about our Exploration Unit of Inquiry."

And indeed, the G2s became "explorers" as they followed clues and read maps. Using tickets which were provided for them, the G2s rode on the Forchbahn, buses and S-Bahn, speaking with each other in German as they worked out schedules, directions and destinations before hiking to their final meeting point.

No food was taken along for the bilingual explorers. Instead, each class worked within an allotted budget to buy food to be eaten on their outing. Considering what they had learned about healthy nutritional choices during a previous Unit of Inquiry, they made decisions about what they wanted to eat, wrote shopping lists and used their budget to buy their lunch provisions.

The G2s' contacts with various members of the local community throughout the day helped them apply their German language skills and also took them another step down the road of integrating the language of our host community into the ICS PYP Programme.

After successfully navigating to their mystery destination, the G2s all came together in a Waldh├╝tte near Maur where they made a fire and cooked their lunch.

Tired, but very satisfied after a fun-filled day of exploration and adventure, the G2s were happy to be picked up by the ICS school buses, as one of them commented, "This was the best trip ever- we were real explorers and spoke lots of German!"

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