The 'Dare' Race, St Gilgen, Austria

Round Square schools promote Adventure as a way for students to challenge themselves and test their perseverance and endurance. ICS students have taken part several times in the 'Dare' Adventure Race at St Gilgen School in Austria.

This very demanding race covers 30km for Senior students and 15 km for Junior students and includes checkpoints at which students are given cognitive and physical tasks such as rock climbing, raft building, riddles and word problems. See the slideshow of pictures here and below that, read what our students have to say about taking part:

Diederik V: “This year's Dare race was very fun, just like the previous years. Throughout the entirety of the race we tackled the challenges well and as a team. Winning 2nd place was an amazing experience for our team, but was also for me personally.”

Mina C: “We actually began the race with the one goal of crossing the finish line, but we were quickly swept away by the thrilling and motivating fast-pace of the entire race. It was one thing after another, with no time to stop to think about how many teams we had overtaken, so in no way did we expect to get third place!”

Kaan A: “The Dare Race really pushed all of us to the limits in exciting, difficult, and stretching challenges. It has also showed how important teamwork and dependancy was.”

Freya P: “I found the whole experience enjoyable, but particularly found the cognitive tasks we had to complete between the checkpoints as a team quite fun and interesting, it was something to take your mind off how far you still had to go, the heat and the fatigue! For me, rock climbing was most challenging as I hate heights! However, the St Gilgen staff were great at calming my nerves and my team mates really drove me on, I couldn't have done any of it without them, they're amazing!”

Louise E: “For our team, one of the most challenging parts was sticking together as a team and solving problems as a team. But, we completed it, and it was one of the most amazing feelings ever. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”